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How to Eat Alone Recipes

Poke to Impress Yourself

Impress yourself! Here's a recipe for a delightfully fresh, sunny poke bowl for one person and one person only. Inspired by a chat with psychologist and author of A MANUAL FOR BEING HUMAN, Dr. Sophie Mort during Episode 7 of the 'How to eat alone' podcast.

Poke to Impress Yourself

This is a recipe from Episode 6 of the 'How to eat alone' podcast. You can listen to the episode here with psychologist and author of A MANUAL FOR BEING HUMAN, Dr. Sophie Mort

Sophie tells me that she loves getting dressed up all fancy and taking herself out to drink a glass of champagne and bougie food. We talk about the luxuriousness of raw fish like oysters, ceviche, sushi and poke and how, weirdly enough, raw fish has ended up being my 'break up food' - my go to when I have been heartbroken. It’s a weird thing to admit - there was that time I decided to invest in a sushi kit when some guy broke up with me or that other time where I remember inviting one of my best girlfriends around after a particularly hurtful break up and making her a mountain of ceviche. I also regularly make poke bowls for myself, heartbroken or not. Maybe sushi is not so simple, but ceviche and poke are a doddle, they’re really easy dishes to make - as long as you can get hold of good fish, ideally sushi grade. Don’t be scared to prepare raw fish, it’s fine as long as you treat it properly. This is how you do it... 

Preparing raw fish 

1. Buy the best fish you can afford and ask where it's from. It should be as fresh as it possibly can be and should not have been frozen before. 

2. Flash freeze for a minimum of 12 hours. Freezing kills any germs that naturally occur in fish. I generally freeze mine for 24 hours, just to be safe. 

3. Defrost it in the fridge. 

4. Voila, it's ready to eat. 

Time: 20 minutes (if you are preparing your fish yourself, add minimum 24 hours for flash freezing and defrosting)

Faff Level: 3

Plant Based Diets: Everything but the fish is vegan in this recipe - I've made this veggie friendly for myself before by using chopped, cubed mango in stead of fish - the flavours of the marinade work really well with the sweetness. 


For the poke

1 x tuna steak, cubed  (you can also use salmon or another fatty fish - ask your fishmonger what's good or have a look at sustainable catch options) 

1 small shallot, finely chopped

Finely chopped quarter of a scotch bonnet or a pinch of any other chilli you might like to eat

Juice of 1 lime

2 tbsp of mirin or cider vinegar

1 tbsp of soya sauce

2 tbsp of sesame oil 

Scattering of sesame seeds  (normal or black sesame)

Pinch of salt 

For the bowl

70 g rice boiled rice  (ideally brown)

Handful of dehydrated seaweed and nori sprinkles or furikake (Poke is traditionally made with seaweed, I know these might be hard to get your hands on, but it's good to include at least one seaweed component).

Half an avocado, sliced 

Sesame oil, juice of another lime, salt to taste, scattering of more sesame seeds 



1. Marinade fish, shallots and chillis with sesame oil, lime juice, vinegar or mirin and soya sauce, add sesame seeds. 

2. Cover the marinaded fish and leave in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. 

3. Whilst you're waiting for the fish to marinade, arrange a bowl with rice, avocado and seaweed, seasoning liberally with seaweed sprinkles like nori sheets or furikake, salt, more lime juice and sesame oil. 

4. Top the rice, seaweed and avocado with marinaded poke. 

5. Eat it by yourself! It's going to be delicious! 


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